Car Key Programming

Mobile Car Key and Fob Programming Service in Goodyear, AZ

There was a time when a car thief could bypass the need for a key by "hot wiring" a car to start the engine. To counter this, most vehicles have a built in "immobilizer system" which prevents the engine from being started without the proper "code" which is provided by a programmed car key or Fob. Because of this added security feature, the steps in replacing a lost or broken car key isn't as straight forward as just cutting a new key. Also if you go to the dealer, it can be very expensive to replace!

Discount Locksmith in Goodyear seeks to provide professional mobile locksmith service to make & program new transponder car keys and FOB conveniently and at an affordable price. Our auto locksmith technicians are mobile and will come to your immediate location in Goodyear, AZ and throughout the Metro-Phoenix area to cut and program new car keys, smart keys, and key Fobs right on the spot while you wait. In addition to making car keys, we can also open locked doors and fix broken vehicle ignitions.

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Discount Locksmith Motorcycle Services

Motorcycle Locksmith Services

Motorcycle ignition having issues? Lost or broke your motorcycle key? We can help!
Discount Locksmith of Goodyear, AZ offers professional motorcycle locksmith service. Our technicians are trained to repair broken motorcycle ignitions and can make replacement keys for motorcycle brands such as Honda, Yamaha, Ducati, Kawasaki, and more. We even offer emergency lockout service to open your motorcycle seat compartment and can repair broken motorcycle ignitions.
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Open Locked Car Door

Opening Locked Vehicles

Getting locked out of the car is a situation we don’t typically plan on and it can be incredibly frustrating. Before smashing the car window, we recommend first giving Discount Locksmith in Goodyear a call. We can open your car door fast and without any damage to your vehicle! Our automotive locksmith technicians are mobile and will come quickly to your immediate location. We are equipped to not only unlock you car, but also to replace broken or lost keys for your car, truck, or SUV.

We offer locksmith service day & night in Goodyear and throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Call (623) 404-9020

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